The Syrian power elite adored him so much they never suspected he was an Israeli spy. Series exploring the real-life story of Eli Cohen (pronounced Ellie), a now-notorious Mossad agent, throughout his brief but highly successful stint as a spy for Israel in Syria (1960-1965). Although a short time, Cohen was instrumental in providing Israel with crucial intelligence needed to infiltrate the Syrian government. Cohen has since become a national hero in Israel and his legacy still lives on today. At its heart The Spy is a story about one man’s mission to try and truly find himself.
CAMPAIGN POSITIONING: The Spy is a thoughtful and moving dramatization of Eli Cohen’s life; dominated by danger, personal conflict and a beautiful dedication to his wife. Sacha Baron Cohen delivers in a truly authentic way and with the pedigree of Gideon Raff, The Spy offers audiences a thoroughly considered, credible and thrilling spy story.
THEMES: Personal sacrifice for the greater good; Heroism and its discontents.
DESIGN REQUEST: Create original concept art for approval by Netflix Product team (4 rounds). No artwork can show Sacha Baron Cohen smiling.
*Artwork is original concept and execution by Zoey Reinach, not all work was chosen for final delivery for Netflix Product. Russian Doll concept has top performance on the Netflix service.* 
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